We will ask you to provide truthful data on the following categories:
  • Feedback on your doctor, nurse, and clinic
  • Summary of your fertility treatment and protocols
  • Basic medical and demographic information
  • Verification that you saw the doctors you are evaluating

What is most helpful to new patients is understanding your experience in your own voice. Details and examples are much more helpful than generalities. For example, rather than saying a doctor is “dedicated” it’s more helpful to provide an example, like “Doctor Smith was very dedicated to my care. She would personally call me whenever I had concerns, and even came in after hours to do an ultrasound when I was nervous about cramps following my positive pregnancy test.”

  • Our questions were developed with the help of over 50 fertility patients, clinicians from three academic medical centers, and subject matter experts such as psychologists specializing in infertility. We occasionally add or remove questions depending upon feedback from patients and emerging developments in the field. Our goals are to capture as much information as possible during your session, all the while making the process as efficient and painless as possible.


We recognize that many doctors may have participated in your care and so we’d like you to assess those doctors who were primarily responsible in issuing a diagnosis and setting protocols. Often times this is the clinician you met during your initial consultation and may well be a different clinician than who performed a procedure.


Your name, your contact information, and the name of your employer, will not appear with your assessment. If, however, you have written details about your experience that are unique to you, there is a chance your doctor will recognize who you are by reading this description. If you have a unique treatment history, for example 15 rounds of IVF at a small clinic, then your provider might know who is writing.

Our only priority is to serve fertility patients. We do not accept marketing dollars from fertility doctors or clinics and do not allow them to either provide, or influence, content. At times we have conferred with doctors to ensure some of our medically-oriented questions were reasonably constructed.